Why No One Wants To Sleep With You

By on July 6, 2015

Ever wondered why it’s hard to get laid? Here’s why no one wants to have sex with you.


Having sex may seem like what everybody is doing but trust me, there are people out there not getting any action at all. This may not be entirely because the person is not attractive enough (although being attractive is one of the sure ways to get laid. When you pay attention to yourself, take good care of your body and always make an effort took your best no matter where you’re going, people will always notice you and be interested in you) to get someone to hook up with; it may because of the following reasons listed below:

1.      You’re Not Approachable:

Being approachable is not the same as being attractive. You may be the finest person in the room and still be the loneliest. If you’re not getting enough sex as you should, ask yourself if you really “put yourself out there enough” to be approached by a prospective partner. It is not about wearing revealing clothes or being overly flirtatious either. It is about the way you present yourself, interact with people around you. If you’re rude, aloof and carry yourself like you’re too good for anybody, you’re definitely going to have a lot of people running from you rather than coming to you.

2.      Your Expectations:

Sometimes, we are so conscious of our values that we do not get to actually know a person before we write them off. Because you often dream about tall, dark and handsome guys doesn’t mean a short, fair and cute guy won’t work for you. And of course, when you’re so rigid about such values, it is very hard to convince you to change them and then you will start having people run from you because you’re centered on meeting a person with specifics rather than making do with what you have. I’m not saying it is a terrible thing to want specific things from someone but sometimes, those rigid values may end up pushing to the wrong person or to “lonedom”.

3.      Wrong Signals:

When you send out the wrong signals, it is hard for people to know what you really want or who you really are. Don’t dress like you’re gay when you’re not. I mean, when you are dressed like the opposite sex, complete with boyish haircut and accessories, people wont definitely see you as someone they can bang. They will see you as a buddy they can discuss soccer with over pizza and beer.

You Have Bad Hygiene:

You can’t expect to have a stinking breath and terrible body odour and think you can get laid. Clean yourself up nicely, have a good bath, use a strong deodorant and add a dash of mild cologne and you’re good to go. Never approach someone when you stink.

4.      You’re All Shades Of Screwed Up:

Having sex to most people means you have to be committed to that person and once you’re sensed as the type of person with too many issues, people will flee from you. If you project yourself as a depressed, broken, angry young person, no one will want to come close to you. Until you get your act together, you will have no one coming to your side much less having sex with you.

Sometimes, people don’t stay away from you because of the way you look. Most times, it is about the way you act, how you present yourself and treat others around you. In order to get laid or get someone to be fully interested in you, you have to work on yourself so you can be at least 80% acceptable; that’s what makes you attractive the most to everybody that comes your way.