{VIDEO} Miley Cyrus’ Sextape For SNL

By on August 21, 2014

Miley’s big night hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ definitely did NOT disappoint. But the performance wasn’t without some controversy, as the singer got a little naughty with one of SNL’s new cast members! Watch the video below!miley-cyrus-snl-sex-tape-lead

Miley Cyrus is perfect — she knows what a guy wants, she’s not afraid to strip down and get sexy for him, and she’ll even film a sex tape with him. Liam Hemsworth, you really let a good one get away!

Miley Cyrus & Kyle Mooney Try To Make A Sex Tape

Miley put her amazing girlfriend skills on display during the best, raciest skit of the Oct. 5 episode of Saturday Night Live, which she hosted.

The sketch started out with Miley ripping off her shirt and setting up a camera to make a homemade sex tape with Kyle Mooney, who, let’s just say is not as “movie star hot” as Miley’s other boyfriends.

Before Miley and Kyle could really get into it, two other cast members — Bobby Moynihan and Beck Bennett — barged in, which gave Kyle an opportunity to admit he wasn’t sure he wanted to go all the way with Miley.
Miley Cyrus Proves She’s The Perfect Girlfriend

If you’re saying to yourself, “What’s wrong with that guy? Miley is the hottest girl he’ll ever get,” then you’re right there with Bobby and Beck — and everyone else. Kyle’s hesitation is the main joke of the skit, because not only is Miley super hot and super freaky, but she finishes his sentences, puts on private wet t-shirt contests, and gives him all the concert tickets… of every concert.

We’re not sure how Liam ever tore himself away from this girl — she is literally perfect.

So did Kyle finally come to his senses and pull the trigger? You’ll just have to watch below to see how this hilarious — and sexy — skit came to an end!