Top 5 Richest Comedias In Naija

By on April 26, 2015

5. Ay: call him a master of art, you wont be wrong.his annual show fetches him N160million.Ay collect between 1 to 2million per event,while his annual income is put at 28million,with a net worth N800million.also his 30days in atlanta has been dubbed the highest grossing nollywood movie.sdds

4:.julius agwu;His book jokes apart fetched him N20million ,he is the organiser of crack your ribs and laugh for christ sake.fetching him N140Million annually,with a performance fee of 2 to N3million.his net worth is N1.5billion.

3:I go dye:An ambassedor,but he hardly banks on that.he owns revamp construction,revamp deals in real estate properties and road construction.his annual take home is between N350 and N500million,with worth net of over N2billion.he still got franstel bottle water on the way.godye

2:Basket mouth:He remains the toast of reputable brand in nigeria,he pocket about over N120million annually from his endorsment deal.he gets N100Million from his basket mouth uncensored show,with an income of over N360million,his net worth stands at N2Billion.

1:Ali baba:all hail the king,his lekki home alone is valued at N300million,his apperance fee stands at N4 to N5Million per event,and his sure of 2event every week,bringing him to N400million per annum.with a net worth of over N3billion.little wonder he remains a king maker.