Samsung comes slimmer, trendier in Galaxy A Series

By on February 20, 2015

In December 2014, Samsung Mobile introduced the ‘A Series’ of devices into the market to consolidate on the gains of the ‘S Series’  The first in the series of these new devices are the Galaxy A5 and A3. Many technology reviewers seem to be in agreement that these are the phones for the stylish consumers.

Looking at its growth trajectory, it is safe to say that Samsung, has not relented in its innovative streak. The device maker is apparently keying in on the fact that smartphones have become one of the most used devices by most people.

Samsung may have also considered that in a smartphone, design is extremely important, being what first catches the attention of consumers.

So in its newly announced Galaxy A Series, the device maker applied more aesthetics. Besides being beautifully crafted, the new series feature fully metallic uniform body, slim design, superior hardware among other exciting features.

Galaxy A3 and A5 series are quality offerings. Their upscale good look and slim, full metal unibody offer a feel-good tinge that only comes with deep satisfaction.

In a country where people like to flaunt their gadgets, acquiring an ‘A Series’ Galaxy phone may give users that feeling of being in a class of their own. The phones come in variety of colours, the black has a tuxedo good look while the white comes with a sheen that blends easily with a style-conscious woman’s wardrobe.

Among other arresting colours are platinum silver, soft pink, champagne gold.


The Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 remain Samsung’s slimmest smartphones to date and they incorporate the Galaxy Alpha’s premium metal design with unique refined, full metal unibody designs.

The biggest strength of these devices is that both feature removable back covers and two hybrid SIM slots that enable users decide between the option of two SIMS or alternating the second slot for memory expansion with a micro SD card.

Camera and video

Since US President, Barack Obama, was caught taking a selfie with other VIPs at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, the world has come to reckon with how powerful it is to have a device that functions excellently with camera and video features.  The Galaxy A3 and A5 continue the legacy for high-performing cameras with an advanced camera system that generates brighter and clearer images. The 13MP rear shooter of A5 is quite good, and so is the A3’s 8MP camera. The front-facing 5MP selfie cam will simply blow your mind away. These phones do a fantastic job of capturing the scene in a wide angle. Samsung’s selfie panorama worked like a charm, and captured at least five people in the frame with room for one more. Both Galaxy A3 and A5 offer superior mobile and social experience for young consumers who want to express their unique style while constantly staying connected.

Video watching on these devices is really impressing with a 1080p video player – where the colours come out as life-like as possible.

Fantastic viewing experience

The Galaxy A5 and A3 are ideal for consumers seeking practicality and functionality as both devices are equipped with an extraordinary Super AMOLED display and Adaptive Display technology to deliver clearer images with deep contrast and better viewing angles for more vivid, colourful content in virtually any environment, even under bright sunlight.  This implies that images on both devices are sharper and more vivid.

Performance/conservative battery

The Galaxy A5 and A3 are also built with a very fast processor for seamless multi-tasking and faster browsing experience. In addition, the phones include popular features exclusive to Galaxy devices, such as Ultra-Power Saving Mode, Private Mode and Multiscreen, as well as adjustable audio, which intelligently adapts and enhances sound output based on the user’s surrounding environment. They are also powered by the latest Android operating system that provides users with stunning graphical

Thanks to the strong battery capability of the device, users can enjoy multimedia content, be productive on the go, and capture great scenes and ideas whenever and wherever. Users can also enjoy top quality sound at any time and place with less influence from surrounding sound because both devices have  improved adjustable audio function.

The Shocker

Ordinarily a device with luxe metal casings like these would be rated as high-end specs, but shockingly, Samsung deliberately defines the A series as midrange specs that target a more youthful demographic.