REPORT: Toke Makinwa Was Stalking John Boyega, Desperate to Get Into Hollywood

By on January 5, 2018
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TV girl and media personality, Toke Makinwa this morning claimed she was assaulted by bodyguards attached to Hollywood actor, John Boyega.

In a series of posts on her Instagram page, Makinwa said that at Crossroads Restaurant and Bar, she and her friends were made to leave a particular table because it was reserved for John Boyega and his friends.

She alleged that the security personnel encroached on her space, yelled at her and touched her on the shoulder. According to her, she and her friends were roubdly humiliated.



But according to a very reliable TNS source, the TV girl has actually been stalking the British-Nigerian Hollywood star.

The source says she has found a way to be on every table John Boyega was supposed to be at all the events he attended towards the end of last year. She was at Rhythm Unplugged in December 2017 and found a way to put herself in the actor’s inner circle just to get his attention.

According to the source, she has attempted to create a buzz and be seen with the Star Wars actor at all the events and her claims of being harassed because she is a woman is just an attempt to gain the public’s pity.

Our source who witnessed Toke Makinwa’s Crossroads drama said:

She always found a way to be on his table at every show he attended but he did not give her any attention.

We all tried to calm her down but she kept on shouting and shaking her head. That Toke is something else. She has been trying to get herself in his face but he has been ignoring her. Is this how she thinks she can break into Hollywood?