Pot ‘o’ Soup: How To Make Samosa

By on February 20, 2015


Things you need:

For the tortilla:




For the fillings:

Minced meat (corned beef will do)



Green pepper (just 1 or 2)

Onions (1 or 2)

Barbecue pepper



How to make the tortillas

-Pour the flour you need in a bowl. Add salt and oil to it.

-Mix the flour, salt and oil together. When it’s all thoroughly mixed together, add water (just enough water to make a dough)…

-Mix everything together till it’s one big round ball

-Cut the dough in small balls (so it will be easy to flatten out)

-Place the dough on a flat surface and using a rolling pin, flatten your dough out (make it very thin but not too thin)

-Place a very thick flat pot on fire. When it’s hot, place the thin dough in it (one after the other).

-Depending on how hot your flat pot is, change sides within 10-30seconds. When both sides are done, remove and place in a tray.

(If the flattened out dough is too big, cut it into smaller pieces.)

For the filling:

– Pour your minced meat (corned beef) into a pot, add onions and salt to taste and then put on fire to boil for a while. When you’re satisfied, put it down and pour in a bowl.

-Grate your carrots. When you’re done, squeeze the juice out and put the carrots in a bowl

-Chop your green pepper into small pieces and add to the carrot.

-Put you boiled corned beef in a dry pot on the fire and begin to stir. After some seconds, add the carrots and green pepper and stir

-After some minutes, like 1-2 minutes of stirring, add your barbecue pepper, curry and maggi and continue stirring.

-When they are properly steamed, scoop the mixture into a bowl to cool

image: http://360nobs.cdn.ng/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IMG-20150206-00273.jpg

For the Samosa

-Cut up your tortilla into small rectangles (but not too small)

-Using a small paint brush, wet the tiny pieces with water (this is so, so it can stay wrapped without the filling spilling out. Wet one or two at a time, so you don’t have to re-wet)

-Starting from the edge, wrap the tortila into a cone-like shape.

-Put the filling (just enough to fill up the cone space)

-Cover up the cone with the remaining part that is not being used.

-To achieve the proper triangular shape, use a scissors to trim out the edges.

-And then fry. Depending on the size of your frying pay (if it is small), put in 4-6 at a time. Remove when it is light brown.

The tortilla should not be thrown away as you can still eat it. Fry it; it tastes just like chinchin, even better. Samosa is a delicious snack that makes any gathering rock. It may be a bit of a long process and looks hard but it is so fun to do. I learnt within few hours and helped my cousin make more than 300 pieces for my sister’s wedding, so this recipe is so easy to recreate. If you have questions though, just use the comment box and it will be answered duly.