‘My husband has not slept with me for 9 years’

By on January 21, 2017


A 45-year-old trader in Lagos, Mrs Helen Otike, has asked an Igando Customary Court to dissolve her 18-year-old marriage to Godwin, for not sleeping with her for nine years.

According to her, the woman who does not have a child from the union, claimed her husband does not want her to have a child and they live like strangers in the house.

My husband has not slept with me for 9 yearsSad black woman

Vanguard reports that she went ahead to say that since her husband married another woman seven years ago in Abuja, he has abandoned her in his five-bedroom duplex in Lagos and has relocated to Abuja.

She said: “My husband does not want me to have a child; he has refused to sleep with me. We live as strangers in the house: no intimacy, no relationship. My husband relocated to Abuja and left only me in the house he built; he refused to take care of me. Whenever I call him, he always told me that he will call me back, which he never did.


“On two occasions, I traveled to Abuja. I was able to locate where he is working, but he refused to take me to his house. It was later I heard that he had married another woman in Abuja, who has children for him.

“When my husband went to Abuja, I connected him with my brother, who accommodated him for two years and also introduced him to a business. But he duped the people my brother introduced him to and ran away from my brother’s house and my brother was arrested.

“I stumbled on pictures of my husband’s wedding. I confronted him with the pictures and he confessed that he married the woman when he was in the world. I accepted his plea, but not long after, he impregnated another woman before relocating to Abuja. My husband has children from three women. I also want to be a mother, please dissolve the union so that I can move on with my life,” she begged the court.

Negating all the allegations, Godwin Otike, a businessman, said that he stopped making love to his wife when he was told that her mother was behind his predicament. He said:

“My mother told me that my mother-in-law was responsible for my downfall, which I strongly believed because my health and businesses were booming until I married my wife. When my mother-in-law was invited to come and say what she knows about my businesses and health, she refused to come.

“Because of that, I have to stop any intimacy with her daughter and that also made me to abandon her in my house to relocate to Abuja to start a new life.”

He however went on to say his wife was a good woman and that he loved her, but because of her mother’s demonic nature he had to run for his dear life.