Little Things Husbands Do To Keep A Happy Wife

By on August 31, 2014

Not all wives groan. Some don’t and they enjoy marital bliss. When a wife is happy, her husband is often doing the right things

Caroline-and-Dayo-Adeneye-a.k.a-D1--360x600No pressure

A good husband makes his wife feel comfortable in her skins.

“I have a husband who is amazing and never puts me under pressure; he does not expect me to be who I am not, neither does he force me to behave in certain ways. He makes me do what I am meant to do. He has never been upset with me since we got married.”

— Ibidun, a businesswoman, is married to Pastor Ituah Ighodalo

He cooks

Even if this is done once in many months, when a husband decides to take his wife’s place in the kitchen, she relaxes and finds this exciting.

“Aside being a comedian, my husband also has other sides that I enjoy-he is a fantastic cook and gives me special treats from time to time.”

— Kehinde is married to Tunde Adewale a.k.a Tee A

Love notes

A romantic husband sends thoughtful notes to his wife. She cherishes this more than gold.

“He is not just my husband, I take him as my father and my brother. He writes me those little love notes which really means a lot but I am not that romantic.”

— Bishop Peace is married to Bishop Mike Okonkwo

He sings

Romantic songs enliven the soul of any woman. Try it!

“My husband sings for me sometimes. He just composes songs when he knows that he has offended me. Everything he does is romantic.”

— Olaide is married to Hafiz Oyetoro, aka, Saka

He allows his wife to grow

A happy wife one whose husband who allows success growth. He prods her on for more laurels.

“Dayo is a deep-minded person, who allows you to grow. He tells me, ‘I don’t mind if my wife is richer than me.”

— Caroline is married to Dayo Adeneye a.k.a D1

He does not cut corners

A good husband is honest and his wife is able to vouch for him anywhere.

“My husband is very principled on how life should be. He is truthful, honest and does not cut corners. He respects himself and is loving too.”

— Gloria is married to Okey Ogunjiofor, a.k.a, Paulo

Sense of humour

A husband who cracks up his wife not only douses tension at home; he makes his wife glad always.

“Marriage has been wonderful, fun, divine, amazing and awesome. My husband is a wonderful person every woman would want to have. He is funny and cracks me up in the house.”

— Ebere is married to Oluwaseyitan Aletile, a.k.a Seyi Law

He never cheats

His wife knows he has nothing to hide and he is faithful to her.

“I don’t know if he would ever cheat because I am free with his phone.   One day, when I asked him to tell me what would prevent him from cheating on me, he just said, ‘the fact that I fear God.’ That settled the matter for me.”

— Ijeoma is married to Ajibola Adebayo, alias Holy Mallam