LADIES!!! How To Behave On A Date!

By on August 14, 2014

Let’s begin!AA046999

1. BRINGING YOUR FRIEND ALONG: This particular point was always at the tip of men’s lips as soon as I asked the question on what they dislike on dates. Most girls are guilty of this. A guy asks you out on a movie date, dinner date or whatever the case may be, and some ladies deem it fit to bring their friends along. Well ladies, the guys hate this; so, don’t do it again if you are guilty.

2. LOOKING TACKY OR UNKEMPT: We know we have bad hair days sometimes as ladies. Before you go on a date, make sure you look nice. Straighten those edges, keep your nails well-manicured or painted and wow your date. Guys love their dates being admired.

3. TALKING TOO MUCH: Some ladies don’t know when to stop talking. When you are out on a date with someone you just met, you don’t want to give him your whole life history. Leave him wondering what is more to you that makes you awesome. I’m not saying keep mute or don’t engage in conversations, no one likes that either. Just try to be comfortable.

4. PRETENDERS: This was another re-occurring issue for the guys. Nigerian guys call it “forming”. You go out on a date with this cute guy and because you want to look like a “big girl,” you say things like “I don’t eat swallow.” Meanwhile, you had pounded yam and egusi soup for lunch. I watched a skit on YouTube where a girl was talking to her friends and said “I prefer apple to Mac.” If you know you are guilty of this, all I can say to you is “There is God o!”

5. INCONSIDERATE BABES: Ladies, please, when out on a date with a guy, order moderately. It’s not fair when you go out without ordering according to the man’s pocket. Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.

6. BAD EATING HABITS: These drives most men crazy; eating with your mouth open, making sounds while chewing, talking while eating and so on. Do not put your date in an uncomfortable position .Try to always chew with your mouth closed and if you really need to talk, wait till you swallow the food in your mouth first. If you don’t know how to chew food, practice at home in front of the mirror or better still, ask a good friend who will tell you the truth. This should help.

7. TALKING ABOUT THE EX: This is not a good sign for both men and women. Talking about the ex on a date is a no go area! There is a reason why they are called “ex,” so move on.

8. CHATTING ON YOUR PHONE OR LENGTHY PHONE CALLS: This is not a good look when out on a date. This could be interpreted to mean you are not interested in your date. Keep your phones away and have a healthy conversation.

9. BUYING TAKE-AWAY FOR FRIENDS: Your date is over and you think it’s time to order for your friends at home or in the hostel. Put one thing in mind, he is taking “YOU” out on the date and not your friends. If your friends are hungry, let them get their own date or buy “Mama Put” if they are hungry. They would not lose hair on their bodies if you don’t buy for them.

10. SAY THANK YOU: This is really important ladies. After a nice day or evening out, a simple thank you won’t hurt.