‘I Don’t Have Time For Surgery To Enhance My Bręasts’ – Roman Goddess

By on March 19, 2017


The name, Roman Goddess, probably wouldn’t have meant a thing to anyone some two years ago. But after the Instagram became a craze in Nigeria, she emerged from nowhere to become something of a sensation. In fact, she’s one of the most popular Instagram personalities that came  out of the thin air to become something that constantly stares us in the face.


Roman Goddess Bingo! She’s a star even though when no one can lay a finger on what she does for a living. No one even knows where she came from but each time she posts a picture or a video, in a matter of minutes there are thousands of likes and comments, dotting her page, to tell us, that there are many eyes always watching out for her. Even to the most rigid men, it is so obvious why this voluptuous bundle is such a hit. She’s so busty, that busty may come a bit short to describe her humongous bosom. Even Cossy Orjiakor, acclaimed to be the most busty diva in Nigeria has to take a bow. “She carry front, she carry back, she get pass me o”, Cossy once joked. But there have been questions on whether Roman Goddess has tampered with gifts of nature. Some have openly accused her of going under the knife to work on her boobs. In a recent chat with Potpourri, the Instagram sensation, who seems a bit uncomfortable talking about her boobs said she was born the way she is. “Do you think I have time to spend money on surgery,” she fired with a note of distaste in her voice, showing her anger  with the question of whether her boobs are real or not. “My boobs are very real. I don’t need to convince you or anybody but I can tell you they are real. I was born this way and I will remain this way”

Culled from Vanguard Ngr.