How To Stop Being Sexually Selfish

By on July 6, 2015

In order to avoid being sexually selfish, try these seven tips:

1. Improve Your Stamina

For men, with age or health concerns comes fears about libido and lasting longer. (Even younger men can experience these issues.) So instead of confessing that they need more than 20 to 45 minutes to recuperate after an climax, some guys might not talk at all and come off as sexually selfish. Instead, talk about the issue and look into products like Edge Bioactives, but make sure to talk to your doctor first and read reviews from men who’ve actually taken them.

2. Try Laser Therapy For A Rejuvenated Vag

A new laser therapy called Mona Lisa Touch is helping women to recover from vaginal dryness issues, incontinence and restore tightness. Such issues can interfere with a woman’s libido, so restoring the vaginal condition back to pre-menopause/pre-baby days is a huge blessing to s*x lives everywhere.

3. Let Go Of Judgment

Certain people have been raised with judgments that claim s*x is dirty. However, a look through the Song of Solomon proves it’s one of the most er*tic books in the Bible. Within God’s constraints, scripture says the marital bed is undefiled, so go for it.

4. Don’t Criticize Your Partner’s Desires

Maybe your husband loves blow jobs, your wife wants more cunnilingus or one of you wants to try an*l s*x. Instead of calling your spouse a freak and unwittingly sending them straight to the bed of someone more willing to please his/her s*xual needs, mutually talk about your desires and come to a good compromise where you can both be satisfied.

5. Think About WHY You’re Selfish

s*xual selfishness can begin in the mind. If you feel like you’re the “King” who needs to be served or the “Beauty Queen” who doesn’t need to do much in bed, think again.

6. Love Your Body

Loving your own body goes a long way in bed — you’re more likely to be more comfortable and ready to show off. If you’re hiding from your mate because of your own body hatred, take a step forward to change that condition instead of merely talking about it with no action to back up your desires for improvement.

7. Don’t Stress!

Stress affects all areas of life, including the bedroom. Do whatever works to lessen stress in your life — be it weight lifting, running, watching romantic movies, getting massages, etc. — and open your mind to your partner’s desires (not just yours).