How To Spot A Fake Designer Handbag

By on June 3, 2017


Let say you have some spare cash and you would like to spoil yourself a little bit or let say you have been tempted to splash your hard earned money on a designer handbag and you realised you just got for yourself a fake designer handbag, this really isn’t a joyful feeling.

So you need to proceed with caution: designer totes are some of the most counterfeited items in the world and it’s very important to know you’re getting the real deal. Here are some tips that will help you spot a fake or genuine designer handbag


  1. Price is too good to be true


You are buying a bag and you see one lower than the similar items in other shop or sites, that could be a red sign.


  1. Know the source The shop or site doesn’t look like a authentic or a professional one, think twice before considering getting your designer bag there because their bags aren’t either authentic too. Buy from registered companies with a reputation. And make sure the person selling to you really understands the brand and product


  1. Test the zipper.


A designer bag should have a quality zipper that will pull smoothly across the bag not snag and stop.


  1. Detailing Get familiar with the designer bag you are going for, know your designer well, carry your research before parting away with your money, where the logos are supposed to be placed,  know how the leather feels like,  Louis Vuitton use coated canvas with leather trims on their bags. If the trim is supposed to be leather, it should feel dry – not oily. Hermès use only certain leathers and they stop using particular ones after certain periods of time. Know the materials preferred by your favorite designer


  1. Smell the bag


If it smells like a shower curtain liner, it a sign of synthetic materials, heavily chemically treated materials or excessive use of glue, it’s a huge red flag.


  1. The Stitching This is one of the most important thing to analyse. Every designer use a certain stitch which is unique to them. Hermès will use a saddle stitch, Chanel’s timeless lamb skin bags they will use around a 10 to 12 stitch account. The stitching shouldn’t be frayed or change in colour.

Source: Everlybeauty blog