How to Prepare Water Yam {Ikpanwu}

By on June 16, 2014

I’m not from akwa ibom, but I tried to prepare water yam(ikpanwu..not so sure of the local name). I’m just trying to stimulate some folks here especially guys that does not know how to

1 tuber of water yam(depending on d size though)
Some pieces of dry fish
1 cooking spoon of oil
1 cup of periwinkle
Scent leaves
1 cube of knorr
1 cup of crayfish
1 and half cup of water
Salt to taste..
How to prepare:
Grate your water yam after peel in a bowl and keep aside. Cut your scent leaves or any leave of your choice and set aside. Wash your dried fish and your periwinkle very well. Put your pot on the cooking gas, add up your water, allow to boil. Add your blended crayfish, pepper, periwinkle,knorr and your salt to taste. Allow to boil for 5mins. Using a table spoon, collect your blended yam, little by little from the bowl right inside your boiling sauce as if you want to fry akara ball, when your done, cover and allow to boil for like 10mins. If you check it and the yam is still whitish, its not okay to put down, allow for like 5mins, quickly add up your leavesserved-ikokore-600x450 and palm oil. Turn it appropriately and bring it down. Food is ready!!!