How Lekki Lady Allegedly Used Jazz To Snatch A Husband & Father Of 3

By on February 20, 2015

I received this mail this morning by a lady pleading that they need Nigerians to hear the story of her first cousin, so that the woman who snatched her cousin’s husband would release him. Names were mentioned, some names we even know, known names of Gas and Oil companies mentioned, the lady’s full name mentioned too. But then, we still have to be fair in our reporting, so we had to remove all those names so that we won’t drag the company or the personalities in the mud, in case there’s a little truth missing in the story. 0015metronews

But hey, the story is good to come up now, what she wants is for Nigerians to ask the man to come back to his family and the lady to leave him, which I think is not possible. No one can direct adults. But then she is alleging Jazz which is a good case that can be taking to God, no not pastors. So this story will be posted so that women can learn and insist on staying with their husbands even when he insists they must relocate. Remember the last time; I said I will love my kids more than any man? This time, you will pretend and say dear, haba, there’s no way I can go and leave you, I need to take care of you. Then he says, honey, I am a man, I will be fine, and we need to give the kids a better life. You reply again, come on love, they will have a better life when we train them together, we have schools in Nigeria that are of good standard, and more so, you mean a lot to me than the kids. You are my responsibility; I can’t leave you in the hands of staff at home. Yes, pretend and say it just to stay back, because they always have an ulterior motive. Our prayers are with his wife. The story after the cut.
The story you are about to read is not my story in the real sense of it. It is a story of my first cousin who I feel has been unjustly treated in marriage by a man she labored with when he had nothing. It  is also a story of the cruel and mindless nature of today’s ladies who would go all out to ensnare a man because of money. It is important also that today’s young men who want to avoid this kind of entrapment imbibe the culture of loyalty to their spouse.

It’s about my cousin who is married to a top director with an Oil and Gas company. Many years ago, she was a beautiful, bubbly and enterprising young lady with a fantastic career in banking. She was very full of life too.  She was the kind of lady you would meet and be immediately drawn to because of her eloquence and intelligence. Of course, she was a head turner too. Then, she met Samuel, a young man she figured that they could build a great future together.

A few years after their marriage, fortune smiled on Samuel through his boss. He bade bye to the clunkers and hand-me-downs. He entered a new level of prosperity that could only have been God’s doing. Consequently, he entered into a new level of philandering that could only have been remote-controlled by Lucifer.

In order to accommodate fully his newfound pastime, he prevailed on his wife to resign her appointment with the bank she works with and relocate abroad with their three kids. The first few months of their relocation to London were quite blissful. Then, Samuel began to stay longer than necessary away from home and blaming his business for this. The wife would plead and cry, urging him to come home because they were missing him but Samuel never cared.

Sometimes, he was away for several weeks. While Samuel was doing very well financially, his devotion and concern for his family dwindled. As time went by, the wife had to resort to menial jobs to keep the family going. You can only be able to figure out how lowly she sank when you consider that her husband was a multimillionaire and she had to run several shifts inside London’s ruthless cold to feed and clothe her kids. It was always heartbreaking for me and other family members to see her go through so much hardship because of Samuel.

The cold nights bared their fangs on the lonely woman. But she held strong. As we would discover, Sam had been entrapped or so we heard by a young lady named (removed). He reportedly bought her posh cars and a house in Lekki, Lagos. They practically live together. They travel round the world together.

Samuel ’s life was said to revolve round her and he showed it in deeds and actions. Despite several entreaties from family members and friends to Samuel to go back to his wife and kids, or at least, see to their upkeep and schooling, he turned a deaf ear to all.

We have consulted with pastors for special prayers for Samuel to be released from her clutch, but nothing has happened. And the lady, a chain smoker, has reportedly also told people that it is only over her dead body that Samuel would ever go back to his family or not to marry her.  We have begged all his friends, Ben, Chuks, Jedy to appeal to him, but Samuel is hell bent to stay with her.

This is our dilemma dear Nigerians.