By on December 28, 2013

Prostitution is not only when you stand along Allen Avenue, Ikeja or
Adeyemo Alakija, VI at night waiting for a customer. In the same light,
it is not only when you chill in clubs or beer parlours waiting to be
picked into a room or to a car, afterall, the dictionary defines
prostitution as the work of a prostitute and defines a prostitute as a
person who has sex for money.
Therefore, according to me, everybody that spreads legs wide apart for
money, marriage contract and lovers fully and partially exclusive
respectively, is a prostitute – be a girl, lady or the dudes (you know I
do my research well enough), I heard some dudes spread wide apart from
behind for men all for cash.

Why won’t they be grateful for spreading wide – when it is from this
that they make a living for themselves and it is common among university
students. Abi what would you call this – a girl spreads wide for a
dude, I mean she gave away a priceless and precious part of her body for
N5000 and she then said “thank you” or is it the

funny story of a girl that decided to spread wide for birthday money and
yet was calling everyday to show her appreciation, e no easy. How will I
forget the story of the babe that slept with one big UI boy for *lips
sealed*…the koko is that this girl came back later to spread wide
again for “thank you” sex. Nawah O!

In ur opinion, who should be grateful? Who should be grateful – the male
that enjoyed pleasure from someone who is not his wife/lover or the
female that gave a side of her

pride for cash? Truth br told, the reverse is the case these days as the
person who gets laid is more grateful. The reason is simple – she
places more value on cash than her body – and yet one man is coming to
pay bride price for a “valueless” body.


In one of my quiet moments, I thought of this as the typical situation
of things. “You own a store where u sell goods, next to your store in
both directions are other stores where same goods are sold. If one
customer approaches your store to buy your goods and not your
neighbour’s store, it is only demanded that you thank him for buying
from your store and paying for it what he could have bought from any
other store.” That’s the situation these set that spread wide are.

And for those boys who spread wide for money – God will change your
hearts, that’s worth a curse, likewise those that collect money from
mothers rebranded “sugar mum”.

In the end, please say no to prostitution. Your body is worth of more
value than 20,000 for full-time – stop chasing money the wrong way.