Graduates: What Has Been Your Experience Getting Jobs?

By on October 8, 2013

Our experience getting jobs!!!

A telephone conversation between a NAUG official and Tolulope am a graduate of Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi Benue state. He says I have always lived in benue state in the North central part of Nigeria. As a kid I used to rear goats and sheep in grandmothers compound and always had interest in Agriculture. My grandmother died after I finished my youth service so I had to move to Osun state to live with my father. Because I was new to the environment and my father wasn’t as young as he use to be and depended on me so much for his livelihood, no land to start farming and no money to dabble into something else I decided to apply for a job at FARM SUPPORT a big farm in osun state not far from the well know private school Bowen University in iwo. After applying we were called for an interview on getting there I saw big cars, trailers of all sorts and big poultry,hatchery and all sorts…I was happy at first till I started seeing the faces of the workers, screwed up as if they just got into a fight

Most were working hard,the place was quiet and all you could hear was sounds from the poultry. Trailers were moving out with loads of eggs and activity was at top gear. The interview started in no time and I was the 3th to be attended to I noticed the two other guys after the interview had terrible smiles on their faces. I entered and the interview started, in the pannel where 2 indias (or those dudes from the middle east) who could barely speak a sentence correctly In English. I managed to strain my ears to hear what they had to offer.

All the questions I was asked was contrary to anything pertaining to my CV(its was even the nigerian in the pannel that made things worse)
Here are the following questions

1)What experience do you have in poultry keeping and how many years
2)Can you drive heavy vehicles, can you drive long distance and do you have a licence
3)Will you accept an offer of 30 thousand naira per month
4)We are going to give you free accomodation a walkable distance from the farm and are you willing to work on saturdays
5)If after accepting the job you decide to leave you must give us at least 2month notice
6)Since you don’t have any experience and you might decide to run away after training would you be willing to pay for the training

Funny people! Funny ideas all because our system aint working for us

NB- this thread is for NAUG supporters only and anyone that has the heart of kicking against on employment in Nigeria

Share your views and experience on job hunting in Nigeria so NAUG can know where to come in and take over

Unemployment and Underemployment must stop

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Ehis Abuya
National coordinator.

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  • Too many issues under the Chief's watch. This goes back to the hidden case files, investigations not being performed or followed up, Britt and Valentine's WNFR, Britt's DUI issues, Mosback's DUI and the list goes on and on. He is ultimately responsible. Personnel Director has some responsibility as well. Time to clean house. And, yes, what exactly is the funtion of the police commission? Seems like we need new players there as well.