By on November 1, 2016


Kim Kardashian is back, folks.

The Social Media Queen has been on an extended hiatus from all forms of social media after that horrendous armed robbery in Paris.

We hadn’t heard directly from Kim since a group of men broke into her apartment, tied her up and made off with millions of dollars worth of her jewelry.

Kim Kardashian on Facebook

We hadn’t really expected to hear from her any time soon, either, considering the understandable trauma caused by this incident.

But Kardashian went ahead last night and used the occasion of Halloween to share her first Facebook posts since her life changed forever on the morning of October 3.

FIRST, Kim shared the photo above, simply writing “Downtime” as the caption of a snapshot that featured her reading her smartphone.

It appears to be an old image (consider the Blackberry in her hands, a device she mourned the loss of a few months ago), but it’s new to Facebook followers.

She added the hashtag “#LumeeCollab,” which is a reference to her cellphone case that lights up for selfies.

NEXT, Kim shared a link of old family videos complied by sister Kourtney Kardashian, which she posted on her subscription app KimKardashianWest.

Kourt shout out

THIRD, she shared a link to a story on her app written by her friend and personal assistant Steph Sheppard. It was about last-minute Halloween costumes.

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Kardashian appears to slowly trying to return a sense of normalcy to her life.

She’s back to posting on social media… and she attended a couple Kanye West concerts last week.

Numerous insiders, however, have cautioned Kim’s 86 million Instagram followers. They should be aware that Kardashian will likely change her photo-sharing strategies going forward.

Look for fewer post in general, along with fewer references to her location and her wealth.

Of course it isn’t Kim’s fault that a group of criminals broke into her room and made her fear for her life.

But there are still steps Kardashian can take in order to ensure her own safety, along with the safety of her family.

If simply writing less often about her diamond rings and telling folks exactly where she’s staying while on vacation is the price to pay for her fame and riches… well… it’s a small price in order to guarantee nothing like this robbery ever happens again.


Shes a great mother
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As you might expect, Kim’s return to social media, even in this rather limited and uninformative capacity, was celebrated across the Internet.

“Yay! My day just got 10 times better!! Kim is back and better than ever!!,” one user wrote, with another added:

“Omg Kim I missed you so much! I’ve been checking every social media to check if you posted.”

Out of respect for Kardashian and all she has been through, we’ll refrain from telling these people that perhaps they ought to get a life.

Or at least a new hobby.

Within four hours, Kim’s post had been shared over 1,500 times, racked up over 123,000 reactions and garnered over 3,000 comments.

Yup, she still has it.

But that doesn’t mean she’s in a great place these days.

“She’s not doing well,” an insider previously told Us Weekly, adding that the world famous reality star has been having “difficulty sleeping and has anxiety when she leaves the house…