BBM To Allow Users Customize Their PINS

By on February 25, 2015

In a move that we actually saw coming, the Canadian company, BlackBerry, will now allow users customize their BBM pins.

The notable changes in the new BBM include, vanity PIN’s, removable ads and a new avatar badging. These features are now up for testing.
New Features

BBM will now offer a new service called Subscriptions that will allow users to pay for exclusive access to specific features. What’s included in this first release of Subscriptions?

Vanity PINs: have a fun idea for a PIN? Looking for an easier PIN to communicate with friends? Try out this new feature and customize your own personal BBM PIN!

Remove Ads: hide sponsored ads and sponsored invites in BBM with this subscription.

Avatar Badging: Show off your special BBM status with a badge. This badge also appears on display pictures that have an active subscription.

Subscriptions can be purchased using available payment methods in the BBM Shop. Subscriptions is available at a monthly cost and requires ongoing payments to continue the subscription.

According to reports, custom PIN options shows it will cost $1.99 per month, while the option to remove ads will be $0.99 per month. There’s no telling if these prices are final, as it is a beta and subject to change but it’s interesting to note them either way.

To download the new BBM for now, you have to be part of a very limited beta testers group. Its not available publicly for now.