By on November 24, 2016

See some of the top reasons most Nigerian designers are getting lookbook presentation wrong.                                                                           Nigerian Designers are getting it all wrong with lookbook presentations in recent times! Lookbooks are done as preview of new looks, it should essentially capture the designs/pieces as clearly as possible- they should be perfect or close as it’s through lookbooks people get to see what’s on offer (the best and most flattering shots of the pieces should be highlighted as clearly as possible).

 In the past, some Nigerian designers have attempted to capture the details, bits and pieces (in separate shots within the photographed edit) that make up the whole designs in the lookbook which is good work.

In recent times, some shoot few pieces (4/5!!!) as a collection for lookbook paying no attention to presentation, quality of shot, type of model and the list goes on! These and more are bits some designers are still getting wrong (take a cue from those getting it season after season):

1. (Wrong) Presentation

Most times, the central idea/theme of the lookbook is lost. The lookbook is usually done to tell a story, revolve around a muse, follow a trail of creativity etc but this is usually lost when it done lackadaisically. These days people put on designs on people to take picture not telling any story or employing any kind of creative narrative.

Spazio LabelThis look from a recent collection isn’t the best presentation of the outfit (the weave and sunnies became the focal point!)

(Spazio Label)

It’s the reason it’s important to work with professional stylists, models, makeup artists etc to bring the designs to life – not every good designer is/will make a good stylist. The point of the lookbook is to catch the eyes (first) of the consumer and then their interest (which spurs them into buying)

2. Unclear / Over processed photos

Images in lookbook should be as clear as possible. DO away with excessive retouching, the point is to see/view the real designs which should be close to what you get in real life as much as possible.

If the designs are put on models, they should form the highlight as much as possible putting every detail on display.

3. Playing down the designs

Style Temple
 (Style Temple)

A lot of designers water down designs, overshadowing the designs (which should be the focus) with overdone models, location and other distractions which end up taking away from the pieces.

Any ‘element’ infused into the shoot should not overshadow they designs, they should enhance the way the designs come across (‘viewing pleasure’).

4. Busy images

Mayowa Nicholas
Overly busy images are No Nos, as much as possible ensure nothing gets in the way of the designs. Be as simple as possible (remember designs should be highlighted) with images clear of watermarks, logos et al

5. Unexciting photos

The photos should be alive! Lookbooks should be exciting to go through, images should be clear, models attractive and everything should be in sync with the theme in place for the lookbook…