10 Reasons To Wait Till After Marriage Before Having Sex

By on August 21, 2014

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t engage in s*x before marriage. They add up to one thing: What you gain by s*x before marriage is not worth what you lose by it!

People desperately need to be loved by someone who is important to them. This is especially true of young (not yet married) people. Just knowing that a person of the opposite s*x finds you attractive generates a warm, wonderful feeling.

When a young dude and a girl are attracted to each other and begin spending time together, the excitement builds. They discover how pleasurable it is to touch and caress each other. This stirs their passions. Before long they are drawn toward intimate intercourse, and they begin to think, ”If we really love each other, what’s wrong with having s*x?”

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t engage in s*x before marriage they add up to one thing: WHAT YOU GAIN BY s*x BEFORE MARRIAGE IS NOT WORTH WHAT YOU LOSE BY IT.

What do you gain? A brief thrill. Perhaps some momentary pleasure. But what you lose before marriage can affect your entire life.

Lets see the reasons why you should wait until marriage:

1. s*x before marriage ruins your knowledge of knowing true love. s*x is not love.

2. s*x before marriage keeps you from ever knowing God’s best. Making decision out of God’s plan

3. s*x before marriage Hurts your self-esteem. You may feel what you’ve done is wrong, which actually is.

4. Can leave you with life-long guilt. You may feel i shouldn’t have done it, should have at least kept myself. Too late

5. s*x before marriage can be a big disappointment. 80% of pre-marital s*x shows it to be disappointing at last.

6. s*x before marriage is hazardous. Yes dangerous, which may expose you to STDs and STIs.

7. s*x before marriage can shatter a girl’s life. ‘Cos she is the one who is at high risk of emotional distress.

8. s*x before marriage can lead in some BIG problems. Unwanted pregnancy and declined love (mostly from the males).

9. s*x before marriage may fool you into marrying the wrong person. A situation where you eventually found out that s*x alone was what was needed.

10. s*x before marriage can ruin the marriage. There will seem to be distrust, that is, if this partner could have s*x with me before marriage, may imply him/her to be unfaithful.

The one that should have been the 11th, inevitably is the summary of all namely: s*x before marriage is wrong.